Wood windows

Wooden windows

Nowadays most people desire to enjoy distinction, comfort as well as new ways of self-expression in their homes. People aim for quality and exclusivity when choosing windows and, of course, expect reasonable prices. With these trends prevailing we have decided to offer you the highest quality brand at affordable prices and with all the guarantees included. This is possible and the PREMMIER Company, which has accumulated unique experience in the construction industry, confirms this.

Continuous mastering of novelties, products and engineering technologies allows us to offer you correct choice of materials. All materials have been subjected to a careful quality control testing, and guarantee durability.

PREMMIER  – exceptionally durable windows; latest engineering technologies from Germany and attention to every detail.

To our customers, we offer only the highest quality wooden windows. Being part of nature, wood is alive and breaths. The heat of wood, its noble atmosphere and its beauty accompany us in almost all spheres of our daily lives. Wood is one of the few materials the resources of which are inexhaustible. Not only it does grow continuously, but it is also quickly processed and is very environmentally friendly.

We have always tried to be one step ahead following the latest techniques and ideas. But it all starts with wood selection, where it is carefully tested with some precision so that only a quality product would reach the client. Diversity of wood species allows implementation of various complexity projects.

Along, we offer a wide selection of wood like: pine, oak, afromosia, bamboo, larch, eucalyptus, mahogany (meranti, SIPO), and other various types of wood, suitable for manufacture of wooden windows.

We are convinced that each part of our window is of exceptional quality, as windows are made only in accordance with the highest standards, where quality of even the smallest components is taken into consideration, whether it be a bolt or a high-quality wood.

Wooden windows are widely used in different climate zones.

Wooden windows are unique in that their application is practically limitless in different climatic zones. First of all, many of us want to see the interior of unparalleled beauty, taking into consideration wood as the most natural material that combines aesthetics with high-end thermal insulation. Having selected the right wood, you will get a double benefit: a warm cosy atmosphere indoors and a durable natural protection of wood against the climate. Aluminium clad wood will last for decades, regardless of climate zone in which you live.

Range of wooden windows choice- very wide.

As the tree bark protects the tree from environmental impact, so does wood impregnation, special painting, thermisation (fuming) or aluminium cladding on the outside protect the wooden windows.

To those searching for exclusivity, we will always be able to offer other cladding materials such as bronze, gold or glass, in order to implement even the most sophisticated architectural ideas. These details will highlight elegant design of the window and it will be resistant to the wind, weather or environmental impact.

Impregnation products, and external coating protection are ensured with application of only certain polymeric materials that are used in space exploration and aviation industry. Their fine particles penetrate through the upper layer into the wood spores or into the smallest cracks of wood and firmly connect them.

For painting special ink that is free of bubbles and micro foam in the production process. All of these technological solutions and materials allow our windows to have excellent protection against moisture, UV rays, fungus, molds, rot and rodents.

For protection of wood by thermisation (fuming), only a few types of timber that are suitable for such treatment are selected. After this treatment, wood actually “dies”. All the micro-spores are blocked. This protects wood against any external influences.

Cladding with aluminium, bronze and other metals protects wood practically against any external factors, and makes windows durable.

Our windows are very “green”.

When manufacturing wooden windows, we do not use any such substances containing formaldehyde, lead carbonate and other carcinogenic chemicals. All paints and priming used are water-based.

Our customers can enjoy not only healthy environment, but also silence, even living near busy highways. Using the highest quality glazing that can significantly reduce not only heat loss in cold climates, but can also reduce the use of air conditioning in warmer climates. Our glazing units can be not only heat absorbent, but can also be heated. They will serve you as well as space heating tool.

To those searching for more sophisticated windows we shall offer windows with self-cleaning glazing, which is coated with a special nano-coating. The dirt and pollution accumulated on the glass are broken down by solar ultraviolet waves reacting with a special surface coating. This helps to destruct organic debris (dust, tree resin etc) and reduces concentration of non-organic materials (cement, gypsum) on the glass.

All glazing units can be used with a warm frame too – it is an insulating composite, reinforced with glass yarns and featuring high mechanical strength (the material was tested in the field of space exploration). On one hand it is cladded with a thin metal foil, additionally protecting against moisture and gas, which also ensures good adhesion of sealants. The main advantage lies not so much in the overall improvement of thermal insulation properties of the window, as in the extinction of the “cold bridge” – fogging of the window edge. Avoiding this condensation of the edges, beside the view and other comfort benefits offered by the glazing units, this increases the exploitation term of window frames, especially of wooden frames.

To ensure safe glazing units and increasing highest security requirements, as always, we are taking one step forward and offer not only tempered, laminated, fire-resistant, but also bullet and explosion proof glazing.

No matter what windows you may choose, the windows and doors will be comfortable and safe. Design will be tailored to your individual needs. It will always be a fantastic investment that will improve the overall appearance of your home.

Our products are distinguished as natural and unique high-tech design.

We are open to new concepts and challenges; with us the most incredible ideas become real!