Shutters are a certain sign recognised in architecture that is characteristic to some countries and is an integral part of their architecture. Shutters serve as a barrier against direct sunlight, while also highlighting the architectural structure of the building.

Shutters serve not only as an architectural element, but also bring many benefits. They protect against rain, hail, sun, snow, against prying glances and possible attempts to break into the house.

Shutters can be used both for the exterior and interior. Shutters can also help in creating a stylish interior. This is a great alternative to blinds and curtains. Interior shutters are not only beautiful, and stylish, but also customized to your windows, adding comfort and exclusivity to your home.

All shutters are manufactured only to individual orders, according to the provided architectural drawings or sketches, meeting any customer’s wishes and in accordance with the technical requirements – characteristics.

All shutters are usually produced from hardwoods so that they are durable and long lasting.